Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Menu With Price [Updated 2024]

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Menu With Price

Do you like cold drinks? Dunkin Donuts offers one of the top cold brews available!

In this post, I’ll explain everything you must be aware of concerning Donuts cold brew which includes what it is as well as the process of making it, and the many flavors available.

I’ll also provide suggestions on how you can customize your cold brew according to your preference. Also, whether you’re a Cold beer veteran or a total novice, this article is ideal for you!

Cold brew is created by infusing 100 percent Arabica beans for 12 hours in cold water. The slow brewing process creates a smooth, rich taste from the beans which are less acidic than hot-brewed coffees.

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Menu With Price

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Menu With Price

Item Price
Cold Brew $3.29
Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam $3.79
Iced Coffee $2.29
Iced Macchiato $3.49

Dunkin' Donuts Vanilla Cold Brew

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Flavors Menu

Flavors Price
Original Cold Brew $3.29
Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam $3.79
French Vanilla Cold Brew $3.49
Caramel Cold Brew $3.49
Hazelnut Cold Brew $3.49
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I trust you found this article on Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew enjoyable! It’s a wonderfully refreshing coffee that can brighten any day.

No matter if you prefer it black, flavored with sugar and cream or a flavorful syrup Cold Brew will surely delight. If you’re ever seeking a tasty and refreshing cup of coffee, make sure to taste it.

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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What is Donuts Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is a smooth, rich coffee that is made by steeping 100 percent Arabica coffee beans for 12-24 hours in water. This produces an espresso that is lower in acidity and offers a smoother taste as compared to traditional coffee.

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What is the amount of caffeine present in Donuts Cold Brew?

Dunkin Donuts Cold-Brew is a good source of 200 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce portion.

Is Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew lactose-free?

Donuts Cold Brew is usually served with milk and cream however, you can personalize the drink to suit your preferences. For instance, you could opt for almond milk, skim milk, or oatmeal milk.


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